With Case Management:

Identify & verify customers

numero offers a single agent desktop for everyone in the contact centre and the back-office – in fact anyone involved in handling and processing customer interactions within an organisation.

With powerful customer identification, verification and scripting capabilities included as standard, numero helps agents quickly, effectively and consistently handle each enquiry – irrespective of channel.

Where sufficient information is available (for example, in an email, web chat, web enquiry, IVR telephone call etc), numero will automatically associate each work item with the correct customer and case. In the case of anonymous telephone calls, however, the agent is helped identify the customer and case using standard built-in features.

The video illustrates a typical script to identify a customer and case. Note that the end result is to provide the agent with a single view of the customer, case and enquiry – in many instances numero can automatically elicit sufficient information from the inbound call or enquiry to allow fully automated customer and case identification.

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