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One certainty about distance selling is that customer returns are a headache.

Even the most efficient returns process consumes manpower across multiple departments, from sales to logistics to accounts. All to comply with the consumer’s right to return a product. The cost to businesses is enormous, not least the hidden cost of consumer dissatisfaction when the process fails to meet their ever increasing expectations. Add to this the complication of customers safely returning products and its easy to see why so many numero clients have streamlined their returns process with numero.

Now, the efficiency and customer benefits have reached a whole new level with the launch of functionality that enables consumers to organise and track returns from their mobile phones. Deflecting demands away from contact centres and related departments. Find out more by watching the video above, and remember, this functionality isn’t restricted to smartphones. numero can support standard mobile phones too, ensuring that customers such as Barry and Anne can benefit in similar ways to Jenny and Gary.

Furthermore, thanks to our social media functionality, we can monitor communities (such as Twitter and Facebook) to identify customer issues related to returns. Thereby providing organisations with the intelligence to quickly understand and address consumer problems in relation to delivery, customer service and returns processes. Enabling businesses to protect their brand reputation by proactively responding to issues before they become damaging.

numero iPhone app pod Consumer returns: the nightmare is over
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