i-Web Self Serve

Why was the solution developed?

Whilst many consumer demographic groups (including those represented by Barry and Anne) may prefer to phone or email, other large consumer segments (such as Gary) prefer to serve themselves day or night, usually through the web.

numero has developed solutions embracing a range of important ‘self service’ functions, collectively called i-Web Self Service, that allow web users to:

  • Search online knowledge bases and ask frequently asked questions
  • Complete ‘contact us’ forms
  • Engage in online web chat
  • Develop and maintain personal pages
  • Track a query
  • Receive secure responses
  • Be guided through a series of on line tasks through dynamic interaction wizards.

All of these activities are logged and retained in the central customer record to provide a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour. Similarly, the results of the enquiry histories are kept within content management systems to maintain content ranking.

Who does it help?

As well as meeting the needs and expectations of consumers who like to serve themselves (Gary included), i-Web Self Serve helps organisations to divert contact centre workload and focus agents on those customers who wish to be to be treated differently, such as Anne, Mike and Barry.

Why i-Web Self Serve?

This suite of web solutions provides a feature-rich set of self serve functions to satisfy the most demanding of self service customers. Unlike other solutions, these capabilities are integrated with the whole customer journey and customer life cycle, with each transaction captured at customer or case level. Such powerful integration allows the service organisation to provide a powerful set of self service functions whilst at the same time monitoring, tracking and optimising the customer experience.

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