i-Web Chat

Why was the solution developed?

When browsing online, many consumers want to ‘chat with’ and ‘ask questions of’ the service provider (or possible service provider). This can involve anything from simple questions about a product, its performance and available options to more detailed queries about a service. In fact, there are endless scenarios in which consumers want instant access to agents to help them make a purchasing decision.

Allied to this requirement is the need to provide guided assistance during a web journey, through a process known as ‘co-browsing’.

numero i-Web Chat makes all this possible.

Who does it help?

Customer demographic segments such as Gary and Jenny like this style of engagement as it allows them to quickly understand a supplier’s offering without having to make a call or indeed to trawl through many other websites to find what they want. Customers such as Jenny, think such functionality is ‘sick’ and will often use this style of engagement while simultaneously messaging her friends. Whilst a must for these segments, i-Web Chat has less appeal for the Barry’s and Anne’s of this world.

For the supplier organisation, this service needs to be introduced with care. Online users can initiate chat dialogues which develop into lengthy conversations, without any meaningful outcome. However, used selectively, i-Web Chat is a powerful business tool that can save time, cost and improve the customer experience. For example, a web chat session involving a ‘Gary’ and a technical support agent can help self diagnose and rectify his problem whilst he is online. And, there are many other potential applications for effective, targeted use of i-Web chat.

why – i-Web Chat?

i–Web Chat can be delivered as both a standalone solution or as part of the numero interactive suite. The numero implementation of web chat provides a rich array of functions to deliver a comprehensive service offering. However, as i-Web Chat uses the numero interactive engine, it inherits the same powerful capabilities.

Each chat session is logged and recorded against the master customer record and can be part of a customer event (‘case’). In this way, the organisation has fully traceability of all customer interactions. Such detail provides powerful insights into the customer’s behaviours and allows the organisation to modify its actions to maximise its value to the customer.

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