i-Unified Desktop

Why was the solution developed?

Anyone who has worked in a contact centre will be relate to the familiar sight of agents having to open and use multiple applications on their desktop (and Alt – Tabbing from application to application) to answer and handle an enquiry. Often cutting and pasting data across multiple forms in the process. It is a frustrating and ineffective way for the agent to work and provides an unsatisfactory customer journey, plagued by delays and duplication.

numero i-Unified Desktop is radically different and allows agents to focus their time on answering enquiries, developing customer relationships and adding value to the interaction (by up-selling, cross selling and introducing new services) rather than searching for information.

With i-Unified Desktop, the agent’s screen is automatically updated when the agent takes the next work item. All the information relevant to the enquiry (or ‘case’) is readily available making it easier to provide an immediate and personalised response to the customer. Agents are able to handle complex questions, such as product enquiries or faults, as they have all the information they need as the system knows who the customer is, what they have bought and understand all the relevant information.

Who does it help?

The solution allows agents to focus on priority tasks such as effectively and efficiently resolving customer enquiries first time. With i-Unified Desktop, agents no longer have to spend lots of time finding and fetching data relevant to a query.

Customers benefit too, with less time on-hold or waiting for information to be located. In fact, customers find the organisation more professional, effective and efficient.

Why i-Unified desktop?

By empowering agents and saving time, handling times are reduced, first time resolution rates increased and valuable time is made available to improve the customer interaction and satisfaction.

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