Why was the solution developed?

Many organisations now recognise the importance of keeping their customers informed. So rather than wait for the customers to phone, they send messages to confirm their order or delivery is on its way, to say ‘thank you’ for their custom or even say ‘Happy Birthday’ (with a link to some personal gift ideas). Enterprising organisations also send regular updates about special promotions, new products or the latest releases in stock. Text messages are also a great way remind customers of outstanding payments and to re-instate forgotten account codes or passwords.

numero i-Text provides a solution for all this. Unlike standalone systems, i-Text supports dialogue so consumers send and receive a string of messages in relation to their enquiry, with the full message history retained within master customer records.

Who does this help?

All customers (including Jenny, Mike or Anne) want to be kept informed. However, traditionalists like Barry find that this style of communication is intrusive, preferring a personal call rather than a text message. i-Text takes account of these preferences and ensures only those receptive to SMS communication are targeted.

Why use i-Text?

Rather than Angela’s contact centre team being bombarded with WISMO (where is my order) questions and similar, i-Text keeps customers fully up-to-date with everything from their latest order to account status, reducing the number of inbound phone enquiries. i-Text is also perfect for marketing teams and people like Steven, who need a fast, efficient and effective way of sending messages about promotions, special offers and new products. For Philip in Customer Services, i-Text is an excellent customer relationship tool, providing both an additional communication channel to deepen customer relationships and way to reduce agent workload and therefore improve service levels.

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