i-Text & Reserve

Do you really want to waste your Saturday morning driving into town to find the advertised item is not in stock or is no longer available? Why not order that special offer from the comfort of your living room rather than go to store? Or alternatively, check on the price and availability of an item in a store while on the move?

Why was the solution developed?

numero i-Text & Reserve was built to allow consumers to check the availability and costs of any item with a retailer simply by sending a text (SMS) message. I-Text & Reserve works with standard text messages (no special mobile phones or contracts required) and free format text. Unlike other systems, no special codes, special input styles or input sequences are required. With i-Text & Reserve, consumers can just text as normal.

i-Text & Reserve was built to help retailers (and others of course). This ‘out-of-the-box solution’ does not require special coding and works with standard SMS or text data. Following the receipt of a text enquiry, the solution returns price and stock availability details for the three nearest locations to the customer – who can reply to the message to reserve or order any item, eliminating the need to phone or go online. The interaction cycle is completed by in-built functionality that allows the retailer to also send messages, for example reminders or special offers. All messages are held centrally against the customer record so that the full SMS conversation is retained.

Who does it help?

i-Text & Reserve is perfect for today’s text fluent consumers, who already send over 50 billion SMS messages each year. In fact, text has become such a dominant communication platform that even old fashioned service lovers such as Barry have send messages from their mobiles. Text messaging is now so widespread it appeals to most consumer groups.

Why use Text & Reserve?

i-Text & Reserve provides a simple to implement stock availability, reserve and order enquiry solution that can reduce the number of calls to contact centres and retail outlets. It also provide a platform for enriching customer relationships through proactive outbound marketing.

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