i-Personal Security

Why was the solution developed?

The safety and well-being is a matter of high priority for companies with agents who work in the field. Whether collecting cash, carrying products or working outside normal office hours, personal safety is an issue numero addresses through the i-Personal Security application.

This solution, originally developed for a client whose field agents collect cash door-to-door, contact centre staff to monitor and manage individual field agent movements and escalate events if there is any question of safety being compromised.

The system operates by raising an event which creates a task. This task is recorded and the solution workflow creates a case on the system. The system then automatically assigns a unique ID, generates outbound template and sets central event escalation flags. At the same time, a message is automatically sent to the field agent as an SMS message. Subsequently:

  • Contact centre agents are automatically informed and the event escalated for action should any agent fail to respond to the SMS message within a defined timeframe. The escalation process is highly configurable and can trigger automatic processes such as a call to the police.
  • Correct field agent responses (i.e. confirming ‘safety’) automatically cancel the escalation actions and any subsequent workflow.

i-Personal Security is suitable for many scenarios, especially as initiating events are easily created by contact centre agents or can be configured by the system automatically. As the solution is highly configurable many of the parameters can be changed. For example, different response periods can be set for agents to confirm their safety along with differing escalation procedures and workflows for each.

Who does it help?

i-Personal Security solution is a powerful application that will make field agents feel safer and ensure businesses have excellent staff welfare and security procedures in place. In fact, work with an existing numero client has identified that field agents are happy to be monitored and to have well-defined escalation processes in-place in case of a problem.

In addition, i-Personal Security provides a powerful management information reporting suite detailing field agent activity and work patterns. This management information can be used to identify workflow, efficiency and productivity improvements.

Why i-Personal Security ?

Organisations have a duty of care to ensure their staff operate in a safe and controlled manner. i-Personal Security delivers a solution which maximises field agent safety without affecting their ability to complete their duties effectively, and provides management information from the field that can be used to create more efficiently.

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