Why was the solution developed?

In today’s interactive age, everyone from supermarkets to service providers are looking for ways to engage with their customers. Organisations increasingly wish to seek feedback from their customers about everything from products to promotions to service offerings. The challenge is that most organisations struggle to manage unsolicited inbound communications let alone new initiatives which drive inbound volumes. i-Feedback provides a quick, effect and novel solution to the challenge.

i-Feedback enables customer feedback to be provided by any of the usual communication channels, including:

  • Via pop-up forms when browsing websites
  • In-bound text (SMS) messages
  • Email messages
  • Voicemail messages

i–Feedback collects all of the customer comments by feedback category and allows the organisation to either respond quickly or analyse the information to establish trends, attitudes and viewpoints.

Who does it help?

i-Feedback was originally conceived as a marketing tool to gather customer information typically at the point-of-sale or via mobile phones. However, the solution’s ability to collect and consolidate information via any medium, for subsequent analysis and interpretation via powerful analytical reporting; means it is perfect for gathering feedback from a wide variety of consumer groups, whether they be the Anne’s, Jenny’s, Peter’s or Mike’s of this world.

Why i-Feedback?

As we all recognise, it is relatively easy and incredibly valuable to continually seek feedback from customers. The real challenge is to manage the workload and interpret the information once the floodgates are opened, especially when most businesses find it difficult to manage unsolicited contacts.

i-Feedback is based on numero’s proven application platform which provides the most effective solution in the marketplace for responding to all inbound communication, irrespective of the channel. i-Feedback can be extended and linked-in to numero interactive CRM and customer solutions so that not only can the individual promotion, product or service be analysed and understood, but this experience can be linked directly to the customer’s whole journey. Thus, the full customer history can be kept on their record and of course, linked back to the originating promotion.

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