Why was the solution developed?

Through the implementation of numero solutions across a range of differing market sectors we have identified the ‘common’ inbound enquiry or task type of complaints handling. The numero i-Complaints solution has evolved from the need to efficiently and effectively identify, interpret and respond to such tasks and is now available ‘out- of-the-box’.

Traditionally, complaints handling systems has been addressed through dedicated applications often focused on the receipt of complaint letters. Such letters would be bundled together and handled by a dedicated team in a special ‘Complaints’ department. Usually, these letters would be logged and answered formally, often within strict regulatory or compliance control frameworks.

i-Complaints reflects this approach but goes much further by allowing consumers to make their complaints known, and progress their resolution, through any number of channels (including phone, email, web forms, letter and so on) – either individually or, more typically, in combination. i-Complaints consolidates any number of customer communication threads within a complaint task for action. Once assembled, these transactions are often found to be associated with an originating problem.

The numero solution helps agents to understand and respond to the complaint from a single screen which has all relevant information relating to the customer. Furthermore, i-Complaints helps agents to create a personalised response and reply through the communication channel most appropriate to the customer. As such, a letter of complaint may be addressed through a paper reply or actioned through, say, email, phone or both.

As the transaction is part of a customer journey, i-Complaints enables cases to be followed by a ‘call to action’, such as follow-up customer care call, a special personalised offer by way of apology or any number of other proactive possibilities. The complaint and course of action are held as part of a CRM and case management solution, so subsequent customer interactions can be prioritised and handled accordingly.

Who does it help?

i-Complaints helps service organisations to quickly and effectively respond to complaints in a highly personalised manner. Responses are managed through a controlled complaint process and subsequent customer contacts can be prioritised to provide excellent customer care. The overall complaints picture can be clearly established through detailed management information reporting and any sudden increases in the number of complaints can be spotted and the root cause identified.

Customers benefit as they receive a fast and appropriate response and complaints cannot be forgotten, lost or overlooked. Subsequent engagement will take account of their previous experiences to ensure improved service going forward.

why i–Complaints?

Most organisations need to take care of complaints within a managed business framework. i-Complaints solution provides a way of handling such tasks within the overall inbound communications channel as part of an integrated approach to communications and CRM.

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