Sainsbury’s trials connected kitchens to better understand shoppers

Published on 15 May 2015 by in Latest News

iStock 000002604809 Small 300x199 Sainsburys trials connected kitchens to better understand shoppersSamsung recently revealed their plans for connected home domination at the Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2015), followed by Amazon introducing the Dash Button, a single-use, Wi-Fi enabled ordering device which consumers will press to make direct orders. Now Sainsbury’s plan to hook up one of its stores to a connected kitchen, housed at its new digital lab in London, as it tries to get to grips with the modern shopper.

A study from Strategy Analytics found that there will be 33 billion devices connected to the internet by the end of the decade, partly fuelled by the growth of items attached to the Internet of Things, which currently accounts for 40 per cent of connections.

The retailer is building a digital lab in London and hiring almost 500 specialists to help it understand consumers who no longer have time for ‘the big shop’. Scheduled to open this summer, Sainsbury’s are trying to reach consumers who shop little and often.

Speaking at Digital Shoreditch, Sainsbury’s head of customer digital experience, Charlotte Briscall, said the lab was Sainsbury’s “physical recognition” that customers’ lives had changed. According to Briscall, shoppers have become more “promiscuous”, shopping little and often across multiple brands. They are, for example, happy to travel long, inconvenient distances for bargains at discount stores.

Briscall said: “People are promiscuous in their buying habits, and technology has opened up this behaviour.” She also pointed to the rise of “showrooming” as an example, where shoppers visit a physical store to examine goods in person before completing the purchase online.

numero believe the development of connected devices will be of great interest to those businesses looking to enhance their customer service offering, with recent studies demonstrating that the range of contact channels continues to expand and diversify. Businesses will now have more opportunity to sell services and goods through personal devices in the home and the IoT seems inevitable in one form or another.

“IoT is about delivering experiences that change our lives for the better, and the developers that come up with the ideas will change our lives,” said Samsung’s Yoon.



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