YouTube – part of an Omni channel offering?

Published on 12 May 2015 by in Latest News

The number of customer service interactions requiring human support is expected to reduce by half over the next two years, reports Gartner, as self-service alternatives grow more popular. It has been reported that video is expected to play an increasing support role, with 100 of the 500 largest global companies planning to introduce video chat support by 2018.

iStock 000038801182 Small 300x204 YouTube – part of an Omni channel offering?Forrester recorded that 67 percent of consumers already use web self-service, so adopting this trend early will help businesses stand out from the competition. Business consultant Barry Moltz suggests several ways businesses could use video to improve their customer service; pre sale communications, demonstration videos and post-sale videos. These videos can provide and answer common questions, such as how to install a product or simple problem solving solutions, reducing the need for human interaction. Available 24 hours a day, video customer support has the added benefit of providing customer service at any time it is required.

These strategies are already being used successfully by many brands. High-tech thermostat supplier Nest, for example, uses YouTube product demonstration videos to educate customers, showing them how to install their product and how it functions. This approach works well for electronics and gadgets as it saves time and money for both the brands and the customers by preventing incorrect installations.

iStock 000032970440 Small 300x199 YouTube – part of an Omni channel offering?State Farm, a US group of insurance and financial services, uses its channel to answer frequently-asked questions, such as how to take preventative steps to avoid filing an insurance claim, while other videos guide consumers through the process of filing a claim.

YouTube videos can be easily integrated into a business’s site, so customers can view them alongside products or services. This facilitates the use of supporting features for instance, text can be added below a video for visitors who prefer to digest information in written format. Similarly they can be linked to PDF manuals, other pages on site, virtual chat support, and traditional customer service channels such as email and phone contact information.

Video helps engage consumers as it is easy to consume and is rapidly becoming a prominent form of customer service. To take full advantage of YouTube’s customer support capability, video should be integrated into a business’ existing CRM system, enabling businesses to deliver omnichannel customer service. With 90 percent of web traffic expected to be video-based by the end of 2015, now is the time to start preparing YouTube customer service strategies to connect with the massive potential audience.

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