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Published on 07 May 2015 by in Latest News

According to Nielsen’s Social Media Report, approximately half of U.S. consumers use social media for enquiries, to report satisfaction, and air their complaints. A third of social media users prefer social media customer service compared to phone support.

Social media, Twitter especially, has fundamentally changed how, where and to whom customers look for help. Social customer care has changed but not replaced traditional customer service. numero believe that social platforms should be managed just like any other marketing component of a business.

numero has taken a look at three brands that are using social customer care to its full potential to build engaging experiences for their customers.

starbucks 300x215 Social media customer care heroes@Starbucks

By making Facebook and Twitter customer service part of a unified view of all customer communication channels an organisation can exceed expectations and delight customers with exceptional experiences that encourage loyalty and promote brand advocacy. Starbucks is extremely active and responds quickly to customer complaints and questions on its Facebook page, and engages its customers on Twitter, bringing personality to its replies. One of the reasons why consumers are drawn to social media is because it offers a one-to-one response to answer their queries; consumers don’t like customer service tweets that offer robotic scripted responses and Starbucks’ added personality lets customers feel they can trust the brand.


JetBlue understands how important it is not only to keep its customers happy, but engage and respond to them quickly to resolve problems. Often a customer interaction on social media is a result of a poor experience on a traditional channel such as telephone or email. JetBlue not only responds to customers who @mention them but they also use tracking and monitor keywords and hashtags to enable them to engage with anyone talking about them through social. JetBlue’s effective social customer service has the potential to generate positive and engaging customer experiences and when necessary allow them to act fast to reduce damage done by negative comments online.

nike 300x239 Social media customer care heroes@NikeSupport

With over four million followers on Twitter, Nike understands the importance of customer service on social media, which is why it created a separate Twitter account solely dedicated to dealing with customer enquiries. By having a single Twitter handle dedicated to customer service questions, it instantly makes the experience easier for consumers as they know where to direct their questions. Nike Support is an exceptionally active account with frequent replies every few minutes.

During busier times of year, for example Christmas, Nike has come out on top for providing regular updates via Twitter on expected delivery dates and status, offering a reassuring experience to customers who are expecting orders. This shows its customers that they can trust the company to provide them with the help they need; anytime they need it.

Brands need to keep up with the social media revolution in order to meet customers’ expectations, but this does not mean abandoning their traditional customer service strategy. Social care should be integrated into the existing CRM system, to allow businesses to learn more about their customers’ likes and dislikes. numero believe that social media is like taking traditional CRM software, designed to provide one central location to gather, store, process and analyse customer information, and giving it a personality; This way, a company can utilise all its communication channels to respond to issues and complaints raised by customers.

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