Will drones become the next popular choice of delivery?

Published on 16 April 2015 by in Latest News

It was recently revealed that Amazon had been granted permission by the Federal Aviation Administration to test a delivery drone prototype. Amazon want to trial the transportation of packages to its customers in under 30 minutes as part of its Prime Air service.

Research released today from eDigitalResearch states that 33 per cent of online shoppers are open to the idea of having their purchases delivered by drone if it helps speed up the home delivery process.

drone 1 300x266 Will drones become the next popular choice of delivery?While it marks another step forward in the seamless customer experience offering, numero anticipate that there are still a lot of initial limitations to overcome. The most obvious obstacle, beside flight safety, will be consumer concerns surrounding security, privacy, safety and technical feasibility. Furthermore negativity continues to increase as more and more incidents occur involving drones.

With shoppers taking to click and collect in their masses, many of the world’s top ecommerce companies are being forced to rethink the multichannel experience they offer and consider whether drone delivery could be the answer to customer frustrations. Chris Russell, CEO at eDigitalResearch said, “We’re starting to see consumers becoming increasingly frustrated with wait times of three to five days for their online orders – the introduction of drone deliveries could completely change all of that. But if we are to see drone deliveries take off, there will need to be vast investment in trying to increase consumer knowledge, trust and confidence in the technology.”

Of those consumers surveyed in the eDigitalResearch report, there seemed to be a high number of concerns around the fact that the introduction of drone deliveries would lead to an increased level of parcels being left unattended. 47 per cent of respondents in the survey felt that left packages is the biggest disadvantage of delivery by drone, while another 39 per cent believe that the technology is unreliable and only able to cope with parcels of a certain size.

drone 300x268 Will drones become the next popular choice of delivery?Of the 33 per cent that are open to the idea, over half felt that faster delivery is the main benefit to the new delivery technology, while another 40 per cent believed it would offer them cheaper and more convenient delivery options.

“Whether drone deliveries ever come to fruition in this country is yet to be seen,” says Chris Russell. “Amazon continue to surge forward with their Prime Air scheme and if they’re able to get it off the ground, it could revolutionise the delivery and fulfilment sector.”

Amazon have been granted permission to start flying drones at a maximum height of 400ft and at a top speed of 100 miles per hour, however they are required to stay at least 500 feet away from people and private property. Government officials have announced that they don’t think the success of delivery drones will be possible until late 2016 or early 2017.

numero believe that the technology has huge potential to further enhance the customer experience, making it quicker and easier than ever to receive their orders. However, there are a limitations that need to be resolved and addressed before it will become a feasible, popular delivery choice for UK consumers.

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