How do Matalan deliver the best multi-channel customer service?

Published on 15 April 2015 by in Latest News

Kaz1 How do Matalan deliver the best multi channel customer service?The phrases ‘Multi-channel’ and ‘Omni channel’ are bounded about so much these days that it’s become the new ‘sliced bread’. But actually how many retailers can truly say that they have the people, processes and technology in place to deliver the right customer experience across all of their channels that the consumer of today demands. Have they taken their people through the evolution of the brand? Have they aligned their ‘customer policies’ to their new propositions? Have they built, tested and implemented the right infrastructure to serve their customers?

In my experience, as a consumer; it’s becoming more and more ‘easy’ for me to make a purchase. I often use the ‘one click’ shopping on Amazon; it’s not great for my bank balance, but it’s simple and quick, which a busy mum like myself needs.  And this is just what the consumers of today wants, an ‘easy’ transaction no matter what channel they choose to shop through. But lets be realistic; Its great to be able to shop on line or pop into your local store and have an ‘easy’ transaction, but what happens when the journey doesn’t go so smoothly. This is when you truly find out if a business is multi-channel!  Opening up avenues to make purchases at the customer’s convenience is great; but on too many occasions I’ve experienced ‘pre and post’ customer care that just isn’t up to par with what the brand is selling me through their marketing.

As Head of Customer Care at Matalan, I have continually used my own personal consumer experiences, along with the many years of consumer research I have conducted to define and execute a support function for the brand that meets the needs of the ‘multi-channel’ consumer. As a brand we offer in-store and online shopping with the fantastic benefits of click and collect. We use the Matalan card to understand our customers and ensure that we continually provide the right product and service to support our customer’s modern family lives. We are a family brand and its all about understanding and identifying with each family member; knowing their needs and tailoring a shopping and support experience that works.

The biggest step a retailer has to take is changing the way their infrastructure works and ensuring that in order to support their internal and external customers; they must build a hub where all of their channels interlink. There are a number of components to making this work, but the most important is the usability of this technology and the presentation of our customer data. This is where we chose numero as the experts in making this happen. For us, it wasn’t about buying an ‘out of the box’ product because we don’t have an ‘out of the box’ approach to our customers. We wanted a company that we could work with to build a tailor-made front-end system that would give us access to the customer experience across all of the customer contact points.

Whether a customer shops on-line or in-store; asks us a question on social media; sends in a letter; writes an e-mail or calls us, we need to be able to see all of this in one place; which is why we needed a ‘single customer view’ solution that numero has built with us. It’s important to work with a business who has a great portfolio, so we know they have the experience, but also one that wants to listen to you and get ‘off the board’ creative with you. And this is what numero provided for us. We continue to work with numero to develop our solution as consumer demands evolve, which is always exciting as we progress the way we serve our customers. By implementing the right technology; By involving our people in the evolution of our consumer proposition and by working with the business to continually review and progress our customer processes; we have not only improved the customer experience we have also been awarded with the Best multi-channel Customer service award by ‘Call North West’. It’s a great achievement for the team to be recognised by the industry, but the most important thing to us is that we make our customers happy.

Written by: Karen Abass – Head of Customer Services – Matalan


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