Amazon introduce ‘Dash’ button

Published on 02 April 2015 by in Latest News

Amazon announced the launch of their new ‘Dash’ button, a day before April Fool’s Day, leaving thousands of consumers confused as to whether it was simply a joke. However, it’s not a joke and the online shopping giant has announced the launch of this new product, exclusive to US Amazon Prime customers.

The Dash Button is a single-use, Wi-Fi enabled ordering device which consumers will press and it will order directly for them. Decorated with household brand names, customers can place them around their homes and tap to automatically order or re-order a specific product.

amazon 300x133 Amazon introduce ‘Dash’ buttonThe Dash button is designed to tie in with the Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service, a system by which products such as washing machines, printers or water filters can automatically order refills when they run out, similar to the original promise of internet-connected fridge. The button is not linked to products which are internet connected, meaning it is still one step behind the automatic replenishment service. The hardware therefore joins the Dash barcode scanner wand which Amazon launched in April 2014, allowing users to scan a barcode and then purchase directly from the site, much like on the smartphone app.

Each button will connect to the internet via home Wi-Fi and can be configured with the consumers Amazon shopping smartphone app to purchase a specific item when pushed. The buttons can be stuck on to walls or tables and will only order one of the specific item when pressed. Users are also able to cancel an order within 30 minutes of the button being pressed via the app.

amazon dash 300x220 Amazon introduce ‘Dash’ buttonAmazon has partnered with brands including Gillette, Olay, Tassimo and kitchen towel maker Bounty to brand the buttons. They’re also offering device manufacturers the chance to build a physical button into their future products. Brands already on board include Brother, Brita connected water pitchers and Whirlpool washing machines and dryers.

Amazon has long been trying to impact consumers’ lives, creating an effortless shopping experience, but as of yet, nobody else has tried to take away every part of the shopping process and jump straight to the check-out. numero believe that this is Amazon’s attempt to make the shopping process as automated as possible, similar to its Prime delivery service.

There hasn’t been a release date for the UK as of yet, as everyday grocery items are not sold to the same scale as they are in the US however numero predict that there will need to be a massive shift in acceptance of the “Internet of Things” for this product to become successful.

numero believe that it was inevitable that Amazon would step into the “Internet of Things” market, yet does this seem a step too far, as few consumers, are as of yet, to complain about the burdensome task of online shopping?




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