Will the Apple Watch be the game changer for wearable technology?

Published on 13 March 2015 by in Latest News

The evolution of standard watches into wearable technology is becoming more and more prevalent and with the launch of the highly anticipated Apple Watch this week, numero predict that smart watches could be the first step into changing the way we use everyday objects, which in turn will transform customer experiences.

iStock 000043972644 Small 289x300 Will the Apple Watch be the game changer for wearable technology?As technology advances and adapts to customers’ requirements, numero believe there are huge opportunities to enhance the customer experience, especially for retailers and banking. “To begin with, the smart watch will be retail centric, although there could be the future potential for financial services; making use of the smart wallet and the contactless payment technology” said Phil Capper, Account Director at numero.

Retailers are already sensing the impending opportunity that the smart watch can offer, currently relying on technology such as in store beacons to enhance the customer experience. numero believe that utilising smartwatches to understand your customers’ needs is the next obvious step. This technology has huge potential to enhance the shopping experience, making it quicker and easier for customers to access information that they are looking for but also for stores to be able to provide special offers or discounts to loyal customers. It can also provide retailers with invaluable data about their customers’ shopping habits and activity.

“Data is key for everything – not just from a customer service point of view but also from a marketing aspect. The right data, sat behind the right CRM system, enables you to push the right message to the right customer at the right time, via wearable technology,” states Phil.

iStock 000048954452 Small 300x300 Will the Apple Watch be the game changer for wearable technology?With so many consumer polls pointing towards increased expectations around multichannel shopping, and a recent survey from Conlumino highlighting just how much consumers expect wearable technology to drive the next level of in-store shopping, the Apple Watch could be the device that bridges that gap between data exchange, retailers and consumers.

Many organisations believe the use of Apple Watch and other smart watches will signal a major improvement in the efficiency and personalisation of the service and experience retailers are able to offer customers in-store. However, numero believe there are still initial limitations to overcome as the smartwatch is still perceived as an accessory; as the watch still requires an iPhone to operate to its full capacity. numero predict that some key factors to whether the watch succeeds or fails are whether the concept of wearable has the potential to become siloed and self-contained rather than an add on, to current technology that consumers own and also the buy-in of third-party developers.

Capper commented: “Apple will continue to adapt their products and are famous for finding new ways to get consumers to buy into them, although I believe the Watch will always be considered as an accessory or an add on to a piece of Apple technology. Unless the watch becomes siloed, in the sense that a sim card could be compacted into wearable tech, there will always need to be some sort of element of data exchange between wearable and other technologies.”

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