The Toys “R” Us transformation

Published on 12 March 2015 by in Latest News

To keep up with the rapidly changing consumer, Toys “R” Us are transforming themselves into more than just a bricks and mortar store, and positioning themselves as a viable media channel.

toys1 300x174 The Toys “R” Us transformationSpeaking at Marketing‘s Customer Experience Conference 2015, Jo Hall, regional general manager, merchandise & marketing, Toys “R” Us (Asia) said that the company’s media channel strategy stemmed from the need to tap into the digitally savvy Asia, Pacific customers. Given that the average APAC consumer has at least four different connected devices, the need to target this millennial consumer is more pertinent than ever.

As one of the leading children’s websites in Hong Kong and Singapore, Toys “R” Us leverages its social media reach to promote new products. With over 300 million page views on YouTube, the brand consistently pushes its curated content on social media to reach out to its consumers to keep them interested, drive interest and build a loyal consumer base. Building on the excitement around the debut of the Apple Watch, Toys “R” Us launched its own Kidizoom Smart Watch via a campaign on WeChat. The campaign saw 28,494 followers viewing the message, with 40 percent of them landing on the buy page within hours of the product’s launch. “This number was unprecedented in social media,” said Hall.

numero believe that social platforms should be managed just like any other component of a business. Social CRM allows businesses to do this by allowing them to engage with customers across key channels. By incorporating social media into a business’s marketing and customer service activities, businesses can learn more about their customers’ likes and dislikes. numero believe that social media is like taking traditional CRM software, designed to provide one central location to gather, store, process and analyse customer information, and giving it a creative personality. By leveraging the huge amount of information available on social media channels about customers’ habits in a worthwhile manner, businesses can uncover more leads and better interact with consumers, boosting the overall customer experience.

Despite the proliferation of digital, in-store experiences still matter: “Shopping in malls are part of quality family leisure time,” said Hall. The retailer has plans in 2015 to adopt the selfie phenomenon by providing selfie stations, to create unique moments, increasing time spent in store. They are also predicted to be rolling out augmented reality booths and 3D floor stickers to entertain families. All of this fundamentally adds to the customer experience and if consumers enjoy an experience, they are more likely to return and to share their experiences online.

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