Three top tips for successful CRM

Published on 26 February 2015 by in Latest News

The ’Voice of the Customer’ has become noticeably louder and more challenging as consumers expectations are higher. With 55 per cent of companies reporting their customers expect the same level of service across all channels including mobile, businesses need to keep up with demand. Customers now want to be able to deal with issues wherever and whenever they want at a time and place that is convenient for them.
Forward thinking businesses now recognise that to meet this challenge they have to become much more agile in the way they engage with customers. numero believe that this progress will come from implementing a successful CRM or CXM system, ensuring agents and processes are fully aligned with the key objective of improving customer experience.

Below, numero has put together some top tips when choosing to implement a CRM system.

iStock 000036865166 Medium 300x199 Three top tips for successful CRMCustomer engagement is key

Traditionally, a CRM system was primarily used by companies to simply collect and manage data. As technology has advanced and customers have become more connected, the focus on relationship and experience management has transitioned and CRM systems have become part of a business strategy for multi-channel customer engagement.

CRM is no longer just a database; it needs to meet the needs of a customer who wants to connect with a business across multiple channels. To be able to be up to speed and provide relevant and up to date information of the customer’s interactions with the business.

Choose a user friendly and customisable solution

Many businesses are forced to alter their business processes to fit around their CRM functionality, however numero believes your CRM system should fit around your people and processes. An intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be changed to suit different departments or teams is key so that the system can adapt to suit departmental processes.

The team at numero recognise how important the introduction of new technology can be to a business, and only when employees and process objectives match up will the benefits of the solution be fully realised.

CRM system needs to include a level of flexibility so it can be tailored around your business and can be customised to work the way you want it to. A team needs to feel involved in the choice and development of a system they are going to use. Letting a team know how the system can solve their current problems is sure to reassure them and make it feel as though the system has been specifically designed to their specification.

iStock 000013204591 Small 300x225 Three top tips for successful CRMReporting

numero thinks it is key to set goals and objectives – why have you invested in CRM? What do you want to achieve? Ensure you have a clear strategic plan detailing goals. This will not only ensure you are more likely in succeeding, but also in measuring that success. The CRM is the central hub for all customer data and is therefore a key place to create and manage reports for departments throughout the business.

Ensuring your CRM system can provide customisable reports is just as important as having a customisable interface. Being able to pull data from across the whole business rather than just departments will provide a more holistic analysis.

If achieved, implementing the right CRM solution can completely transform the way an organisation interacts with the customer.

numero360 allows organisations to manage customer engagements in a way that not only meets their brand obligations but also promotes exceptional customer experiences that create loyal advocates for their brand. If you’d like to discuss your business needs with our team further or how we can tailor a solution for your needs, you can contact us here or via Twitter.


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