How Social CRM is changing customer experiences

Published on 10 February 2015 by in Latest News

Social media has revolutionised the way in which consumers communicate with brands. Twitter has emerged as one of the prime locations for social customer service with consumers now turning to social channels for help when it comes to queries or complaints.

iStock 000024678058 Small 300x199 How Social CRM is changing customer experiencesOne of the reasons why consumers are drawn to social media is that it offers a convenient one-to-one response to resolve their issues. Social media for businesses is a highly controllable and low cost platform for content marketing, promoting brand engagement, and even customer service.

Nielsen’s Social Media Report in 2012 reported that half of US consumers used social media to ask questions, report satisfaction or to complain. A third of consumers also said that they preferred ‘social care’ to customer service via the telephone.

numero believe that social platforms should be managed just like any other marketing component of a business. Social CRM allows businesses to do this by allowing them to engage with customers across all key social channels. By incorporating social media into a business’s marketing and customer service activities, businesses can learn more about their customers’ likes and dislikes. numero believe that social media is like taking traditional CRM software, designed to provide one central location to gather, store, process and analyse customer information, and giving it a personality.

By leveraging the huge amount of information available on social media channels about customers’ habits in a worthwhile manner, businesses can uncover more leads and better interact with consumers, boosting the overall customer experience.

social media workplace How Social CRM is changing customer experiences

Often a customer interaction on social media is a result of a poor experience on a traditional channel such as telephone or email. Research from
Forrester showed that inadequate records of a customer’s interaction history with a brand meant that 35 per cent of customer service agents were forced to restart conversations at every unique interaction. As brands invest in social customer service technology, they need to link their social efforts with their traditional CRM system, so they have access to customer history and therefore a better opportunity to resolve queries first time. This will also help to deliver consistent omni-channel service.

Effective social customer service has the potential to generate positive and engaging customer experiences and, when necessary, allow a company to act fast to reduce damage done by negative comments online. numero360 uses its power to listen, interact and respond to customers via Social Media. numero360 Social Media  is just one element of a multi-channel customer solution that handles traditional phone contact, email and written communication; Generating positive and engaging customer experiences and when necessary, acting fast to reduce the damage done by negative comments. By making Facebook and Twitter customer service part of a unified view of all customer communication channels an organisation can exceed expectations and delight customers with exceptional experiences that encourage loyalty and promote advocacy.

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