numero’s social customer service winners of the year

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Social media has revolutionised the way in which consumers communicate with brands. Twitter has emerged as one of the prime locations for social customer service with consumers now turning to social channels for help when it comes to queries or complaints.

According to Nielsen’s Social Media Report in 2012, half of US consumers used social media to ask questions, report satisfaction or to complain. A third of consumers also said they preferred ‘social care’ to customer service via the telephone.

numero has taken a look at some social customer service highlights from over the past year, to see which brands have provided great customer service and come out on top.

Ease of service

2015 will see cus­tomer expectations continue to increase as they expect to be able to com­mu­ni­cate with a busi­ness across mul­ti­ple chan­nels with convenience a prime motivation. Creating a more convenient customer experience for users should be a priority for businesses. With a third of UK mobile users reporting they would abandon a retailer if their mobile website or app didn’t load within three seconds, the digital experience and customer service provided needs to be seamless.

Zappos numero’s social customer service winners of the year

Keeping customers up to date

Many brands offer a social customer service channel separate from its main account. By having a single Twitter handle dedicated to customer service questions, it instantly makes the experience easier for consumers as they know where to direct their questions.

ASOS provide a separate Twitter account specifically for customer service, @ASOS _HeretoHelp. During one of the busiest times of year, Christmas, ASOS has come out on top for providing regular updates via Twitter on expected delivery dates and status, offering a reassuring experience to customers who are expecting orders.

10.12.14 numero’s social customer service winners of the year

Loyalty schemes

Customer loyalty schemes have always been an effective way to increase retention levels and improve customer satisfaction. A Grass Roots Group survey of over 2,700 UK consumers found that 49 percent of 18-24 year olds cite offers and rewards as the most compelling reason to buy from a brand. numero believe knowing what your customers want from a loyalty scheme and what will appeal to them is the key to success in such a loud market.

O2’s Priority loyalty scheme, offers exclusive pre-sale tickets and experiences along with offers from UK high street and online brands, to O2 customers via the app or web. O2 aims to offer a unique service to its customers, sending the message that, “With Priority, you’re always a VIP.”

17.12.14 numero’s social customer service winners of the year

Personalised responses

One of the reasons why consumers are drawn to social media is because it offers a convenient one-to-one response to resolve their issues. Consumers don’t like customer service tweets that offer robotic scripted responses. Businesses need to show that there are real people dealing with their questions. By agents adding their names or initials to the end of a response, brands can begin to build trust with their customers.

22.12.14 numero’s social customer service winners of the year

Answering queries

Twitter has not only emerged as a social platform for customers to complain, but also as a convenient and easy option to get answers to questions and queries.

Here you see @NewLookHelp providing a quick response to a stock query from a customer via Twitter. @NewLookHelp not only check the online stock, but go the extra mile by extending the customer service; offering to check stock levels in the customers local store. This  quick and helpful response is what leads to greater customer satisfaction.

New Look numero’s social customer service winners of the year

Dealing with problems

Around 70 per cent of social customer service enquiries occur because traditional service has failed to resolve the issue. If it is possible to resolve the issue in channel, it is better to do so as this is the channel that the customer has chosen. For a huge amount of consumers, Twitter is now the first point of call when needing to contact a business to get a fast response to an issue.

08.10.14 numero’s social customer service winners of the year

numero believe effective social customer service generates positive and engaging customer experiences and, when necessary, allow a company to act fast to reduce damage done by negative comments online. As we head into the New Year, numero want to hear your predictions of who will be the best businesses providing customer service via social media in 2015? Get in touch via Twitter. 

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3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

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3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

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