Barclaycard create contactless gloves in time for Christmas

Published on 19 December 2014 by in Latest News

“At some point most of us have experienced the stress of holding bags full of shopping while trying to find a spare hand to get our card out of our purse or wallet to pay,” said Mike Saunders, managing director of digital consumer payments at Barclaycard.

2509 300x199 Barclaycard create contactless gloves in time for ChristmasWith this Barclaycard has revealed that it is trialling a new piece of wearable tech, the contactless glove. The glove will enable users to wave and pay, similar to contactless payments via credit cards. The glove has been created and is being trialled across several stores in time for Christmas, with the idea that it will enable shoppers to ‘tap and pay’ without having to remove their gloves in each store. Creating a more convenient customer experience for its users.

The woollen style gloves are touch-screen enabled so shoppers can use their mobile phones whilst on the move. Designed to act like a credit or debit card, they are embedded with a bPay contactless chip that can pay for transactions up to the amount of £20.

Barclaycard decided on the entry to the wearable market after a trial of 2,000 shoppers voted that gloves were the most ‘desired’ wearable payment item. Rings and bracelets came second and third. As consumers’ expectations of the wearables market rise, customers want to be able to wear something that will make their lives easier and therefore more convenient. Gloves were a popular choice amongst those who were surveyed as it was reported that it would make an easier way to pay when carrying huge amounts of shopping bags, as you’re expected to do over the festive period.

“Some may have even been subjected to frustration from those piling up in the queue behind them – so when people told us that being able to pay with gloves would take some of the stress out of their Christmas shopping, we wanted to respond positively to shoppers’ demand.” said Mike Saunders.

The evolution of standard devices into wearable technology is becoming more and more prevalent. numero predict that wearable technology will change the way we define and use everyday objects, which in turn will transform customer experiences. As the technology evolves and initial limitations are overcome, numero believes there are huge opportunities to enhance the customer experience, especially for retailers and banking. Due to its convenience it seems that the glove may be the next natural step in the wearables market.



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