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Research commissioned by Conjure has revealed that 53.8 percent of Brits are planning to buy a tech gift of some kind over the festive period. The survey also revealed that 13.4 percent of consumers will have picked up a connected handset by the end of December.

Sam Clark, chief executive of Conjure, commented “Our research shows that returns from tech sales are going to make this a bumper Christmas for tech manufacturers, retailers, and maybe even George Osborne. Brands also have the potential to do well out of this flood of connected devices into homes.”

Fitness trackers

According to the survey only 5.3 per cent said they plan to buy a fitness tracking app over Christmas, although Kantar Media has revealed that 2015 may be the year for wearable fitness trackers.

Currently 6.7 million adults measure heart rate, steps taken and fitness levels on wearable devices and smartphones – but that figure may double in 2015. Of the current users, almost 90 per cent said they used a free app, however 88 per cent said they would consider purchasing a health gadget in the future.

Rioch Brewer, senior statistician at Kantar, said: “These figures are set to increase as brands innovate in this space as a means of attempting to engage with consumers and extend the overall brand experience.”


Last year it was predicted that there would be 4 million more tablet owners in the UK following Christmas with over 2.9 million consumers planning to buy a tablet and 1.3 million expecting to receive one as a gift.

That number has decreased this year with only one in six planning to buy a tablet over the festive period, according to the OnePoll survey of 2000 consumers.

Sam Clark, chief executive of Conjure, commented: “We’ve recently seen that the growing popularity of ‘phablets’ – smartphones with big screens – is eating into the time we spend using our tablets. If that trend continues a lot of tablets purchased and given as gifts this Christmas are destined to sit gathering dust in the New Year.”

wearable technology customer service Christmas technology giftsSmartwatches

With such a vast array of smartwatches saturating the market, from the Pebble Steel and Asus ZenWatch through to the Samsung Gear 2 Neo, it’s no surprise that 7.4 per cent of consumers are planning to buy a smartwatch this Christmas.

Even though smartwatches make up the smallest segment of the wearables space, earlier this year a report from CCS Insights predicted that smartwatches will out-number tablets in the UK by 2018.

With Microsoft expected to release a fitness-focussed smartwatch any day now and the impending arrival of the Apple Watch next year, 2015 is set to see a rise in the wearables market.

As wearable technology evolves and initial limitations are overcome, numero believes there are huge opportunities to enhance the customer experience, especially for retailers. Smart watches are a perfect example of how wearable technology could enhance the customer experience in the New Year, as they provide a platform to deliver notifications to consumers while they shop and are always close at hand.

The evolution of standard devices into wearable technology will change the way we define and use everyday objects, which in turn will transform customer experiences. If routine activities become influenced by Internet enabled devices, even a simple trip to the shops or a visit to the gym could have the potential to become a personalised encounter involving promotions specific to each customer’s demands.

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