Waitrose introduce customer experience kiosks

Published on 10 December 2014 by in Latest News

Earlier in the year, Waitrose announced it would become the first supermarket in the UK to trial automated, temperature-controlled collection lockers in a bid to step up its multichannel strategy. Now it has reported it will be installing interactive touchscreen terminals in its ‘Little Waitrose’ convenience stores in an attempt to gather customer feedback.

iStock 000036827510 Small 300x199 Waitrose introduce customer experience kiosksThe UK supermarket has rolled out customer experience kiosks to provide its managers with insight into their consumers’ experiences. The kiosks are located near the tills within the convenience store branches and asks customers to complete a four-screen survey lasting 20 seconds, to rate their experience.

Waitrose first began a trial of the kiosks in 2013 and found that over 700 customers a week gave feedback using the technology. The company discovered the real-time reporting allowed staff to fix customers’ problems quickly and efficiently, leading to increased consumer satisfaction and, in many cases, increased spending or repeat visits.

Richard Quarterman, service innovation manager at Waitrose, said the company is constantly striving to provide customers with the highest possible level of service. “The introduction of the touchscreens gives us another way of capturing what our customers want,” he said.

iStock 000035980182 Small 300x199 Waitrose introduce customer experience kiosksHe added: “As the survey is quick and easy to use, we have significantly increased the number of customers responding to us. As it provides real-time feedback, we can start to track customer responses across different times of the day and days of the week, giving our operational management teams’ valuable insight into store performance within a clear frame of reference.”

numero believes this news emphasises the importance of in-store customer service, as more consumers begin to turn to the convenience of click and collect services. As businesses begin to offer a seamless multi-channel experience, numero predict that now is the time to offer the best customer service and experience for consumers.



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