Starbucks launch mobile ordering and pay system

Published on 05 December 2014 by in Latest News

Starbucks has announced the launch of its mobile order and pay system, a mobile app feature that lets customers make an order before they arrive at the store. The concept is set to improve customer experiences and cut out long queuing times and will be spread throughout their stores in 2015. The coffee chain first spoke about its plans earlier in the year, following the introduction of a QR code-based mobile ordering service in Korea.

iStock 000037778320 Small 200x300 Starbucks launch mobile ordering and pay systemCustomers will be able to place their order, choose which store to collect it from and pay via the app. The application will then inform customers on an estimated wait time for their order, and an approximate collection time, therefore reducing the number of customers queuing in store and making it even more convenient for them to get their coffee fix.

If the nearest store is particularly busy, meaning a customer may need to wait, it provides the option to search for another store that’s less busy. Likewise, if they arrive and the drink comes out too fast and is no longer hot, Starbucks will be happy to replace it.

Starbucks Adam Brotman explained how mobile ordering is a core opportunity for the coffee giant to increase its efficiency. “If fewer people are standing in line that means more of the company’s employees will spend their time making drinks instead of working the register, leading to a better experience for customers.”

Starbucks processes about 47 million transactions every week with 7 million of these transactions coming from customers paying at the counter via their phones, reported Howard Schultz, CEO. As mobile wallets haven’t been hugely accepted, including Apple Pay, it is quite remarkable that 16 percent of Starbucks’ payments are made via mobile applications.

With such a large percentage of Starbucks’ customers already using mobile payments, the new ordering experience is set to be seamlessly integratediStock 000021898411 Small 200x300 Starbucks launch mobile ordering and pay system into their current app and loyalty program. Starbucks’ Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman tells WIRED, “We designed this mobile order-and-pay capability to just feel like a natural extension from an experience perspective.”

Starbucks’ Brotman believes the chain has left competitors behind when it comes to offering well-connected multichannel customer experiences. “I truly believe that no other retailer is as far along as Starbucks in terms of building an end-to-end digital customer experience across a variety of digital touch points both in-store and out of store, across channels, and now across geographies.”

numero believe Starbucks may prove to be the leading force in the drive to incorporate mobile into in-store experiences, implementing their mobile payments system in 2015. Beyond providing a more convenient system of payments and experience, Starbucks is using mobile as a key way to connect with its customers, proving that convenience is a key priority when it comes to consumer satisfaction.


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