High street retailers set to benefit from online Click-and-Collect service this Christmas

Published on 25 November 2014 by in Latest News

A survey of shoppers conducted by Postcode Anywhere, has revealed that 95% of UK consumers plan to use Click-and-Collect services this Christmas and that the average collection visit will drive £27 of spontaneous spending in-store.

iStock 000043526598 Small 300x163 High street retailers set to benefit from online Click and Collect service this Christmas“Consumers want to be able to receive their purchases at a time and place that suits them. For retailers there is the added benefit of increased footfall – something that the rise in online shopping has harnessed,” reported CEO of Postcode Anywhere, Guy Mucklow. Studies have found that 40 percent of consumers are proven to pick up something extra in store whilst collecting their click and collect order.

Consumers may enjoy online shopping, but they no longer like waiting for deliveries. Customers now demand clear, guaranteed delivery options with click-and-collect becoming a popular choice, so that they can be confident their gifts will arrive on time. With 56 percent of shoppers saying that online shopping is now the only way they would consider to shoping at Christmas, retailers should be preparing themselves for this consumer trend, thinking beyond traditional delivery methods and investing in multichannel technology.

Recent reports show that the value of goods bought online and picked up at collection points will hit £3 billion over this festive season, a 40 per cent jump on last year, highlighting that if click and collect isn’t offered this Christmas, the retailer will lose out on business both online and in-store.

As customers make additional trips to collect their parcels bought through click-and-collect services, research from eBay and retail analysts Conlumino anticipate there will be a rise in spontaneous spending in-store with three-quarters of shoppers expected to buy additional goods and services on impulse while collecting their parcels.

iStock 000047074592 Small 300x199 High street retailers set to benefit from online Click and Collect service this ChristmasResults from last year’s shopping season found 25 percent of consumers stocked up on additional goods from the same store they had collected a parcel from, whilst one in four purchased something from a neighbouring shop. Collectively, the popularity of click-and-collect means shoppers will create £1.15 billion worth of spontaneous spending, through increased opportunities for browsing.

numero know that as customers spend more during this period, it also means that they expect more in terms of customer service. With convenience being at the forefront of their expectations, retailers need to work tirelessly to deliver a seamless service. “This is a new era of purchaser power, putting the customer back into the driving seat,” said Mucklow.

Beyond simply creating a more convenient customer experience, click-and-collect offers the opportunity for customers to ensure they are satisfied with their online purchases before leaving the store, and can easily replace or return products on-the-spot if necessary. This means returns, and the associated costs they entail, can also often be avoided.

As Christmas approaches, now is the time to prepare so that businesses can offer the best customer experience and multi-channel offering to increase customer satisfaction. The greatest challenge for retailers in 2015 will be to produce a more seamless offering, where orders online can be based on in-store stock levels, where the multi-channel service merges into an omni-channel one.


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