Personalised customer experience innovations in the telecoms sector

Published on 02 October 2014 by in Latest News

The telecoms market is one of the most competitive and crowded in the world. Being able to deliver a seamless customer experience in an increasingly joined-up, multi-channel world has become the top priority for telecom operators. In recent years, innovative CEM programmes have been the clear differentiators for telecom providers who want to stand out and grow their customer base.

According to Valérie Blavette writing for Euresco, increased personalisation has the potential to dramatically increase the usage of telecom services, “Telecom users would like more personalised services and at the same time are more and more mobile. If the telecom service providers offer conditions where the customers feel at home wherever they are, the service boundaries will disappear and the usage of telecom services will drastically rise.”

iStock 000016349131 Small 300x172 Personalised customer experience innovations in the telecoms sectorOne example of innovation in the telecom sector comes from T-mobile. Display advertising company YD, teamed up with T-mobile earlier in the year to run a data-driven marketing campaign. The campaign worked by extracting the best and most useful data from its CRM system and segmented the customer base into various groups based on their value. They then targeted these groups encouraging them to activate their ‘My T-mobile’ accounts, so that they could personalise their web experience.

By offering up different propositions to various groups, T-Mobile was able to create relevant content to its customers’ usage habits, rather than offering irrelevant offers such as targeting iPhone users with Samsung upgrade offers.

According to results from the campaign, T-mobile saw a 75 percent increase in contract renewals compared to the previous year, showing increased brand loyalty. By becoming more relevant to each user, T-mobile proved that the right content at the right time pays off.

YD also helped increase website traffic to the online shop, by recognising a customer as soon as they landed. T-Mobile could then segment them into groups of new and existing customers, showing them different versions of the website depending on their customer status.

“Data optimisation is only relevant when assessed in the right context. End users are naturally quite demanding when it comes to their mobile iStock 000024662288 Small 300x243 Personalised customer experience innovations in the telecoms sectorphones and telecom services. They want to be kept up-to-date with the best and most relevant deals. As we have demonstrated through our work with T-mobile, by using customer data to create a more personal and up-to-date experience, we can offer end users the flexibility they expect from their telecom provider,” said Madelon Prive, YD’s industry director of telecoms.

To survive and indeed to thrive in the sector, numero believes telecommunications operators must choose a path of innovation. Further, they must put in place strategies to assist their innovative efforts to have a good chance of meeting their consumers’ expectations. Expectations will rise, and customers will seek telecoms providers that are customer-centric.

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