Mobile commerce takes over retail shopping

Published on 05 September 2014 by in Latest News

Shopping has become a leisurely activity for many of us and mobile devices have fundamentally altered the way that consumers engage with brands. Recent research has shown that for the first time, visits to retail websites via mobile devices has overtaken desktop traffic. Figures show that 52% of visits made to retail sites were made via a mobile device, with 36% of all UK online sales now being completed via a smartphone or tablet.

iStock 000042327136 Small 300x199 Mobile commerce takes over retail shoppingIMRG chief information officer Tina Spooner said: “With over half of all e-retail traffic now coming via smartphones and tablet devices, the latest results reveal a huge landmark in the growth of mobile commerce.” Of the completed sales recorded, smartphones account for around 18% of these and tablets 82%.

IMRG chief information officer Tina Spooner said earlier on in the year, “Often we browse on our smartphones during our morning commute and ‘sofa surf’ in the evenings on our tablet devices. With mobile and tablets now accounting for almost 4 in 10 visits to e-retail websites and 27% of the UK online retail market, we expect growth to continue throughout 2014.”

As m-commerce becomes more predominant in retail, retailers need to develop their m-commerce platforms and create more sophisticated and convenient environments for consumers to shop in via their mobile devices. At the pace in which m-commerce is developing, it won’t be long until the desktop computer no longer has a place in our day-to-day shopping cycle.

Capgemini digital services leader and vice president Alex Smith-Bingham said, “It will be very interesting to see just how wide the gap between mobile and traditional e-retail will become in 12 months’ time.”

iStock 000022987637 Small 300x199 Mobile commerce takes over retail shoppingJohn Lewis online director Mark Lewis said: “Today, over half of the traffic to comes from mobile and tablet devices and we’ve also seen an increase in the conversion rate of traffic to sales. We’ve placed a significant focus on developing our mobile strategy and have more enhancements planned for our app later this year. Customers want to be able to shop seamlessly across all channels and mobile is now the go-to choice alongside visiting our shops.”

numero believe that with online shopping having become part of our everyday lives, the growth levels being seen in the e-retail market won’t be slowing down any time soon, and brands should take advantage and embrace m-commerce as part of their omni-channel offering. As we are in an age where smartphone usage is becoming more and more pervasive, we can expect mobile shopping to overtake web and desktop as the number one choice. As mobile devices become increasingly available and accessible this will enable brands to enhance their customer experience offering, as convenience remains at the forefront for consumer satisfaction.

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