The customer experience benefits of brand communities

Published on 20 August 2014 by in Latest News

iStock 000010000119 Small 300x213 The customer experience benefits of brand communitiesA brand community not only benefits a business; it can form one of its strongest pillars. Companies such as Xbox rely on their communities for insights, innovation and customer-to-customer support. numero asks how companies can get the most out of a brand community and how they help to take the pressure off customer support staff?

A brand community is not controlled by a brand. It is a community made up of passionate brand advocates that the company supports. Customers will come together when they feel the brand represents them and mirrors their own values.

Allowing consumers to talk openly about a brand is much more valuable than filtering what can be seen. One of the key benefits of allowing an open and unrestricted discussion is it will allow unhappy customers to voice their problems. Allowing them to vent shows a business is open to hearing what its customers have to say. Good or bad. It also gives other customers the opportunity to solve the issue for you. Others who have experienced the same problem may be willing to share solutions with others, reducing the workload for customer care teams.

Companies should show restraint with these communities and only step in when necessary. Support the group by providing information and updates for them to discuss and even raise future ideas so you can judge reactions.

Following this structure allows brand communities to provide valuable insight for companies, especially when changes have been made to a service or product. Many will voice their opinions, which you can learn from and adapt to. It provides a window into the thoughts and reactions of a brand’s customers without the expense of a survey.

numero believes that allowing customers to talk openly provides a valuable way for companies to review and evolve their customer experience. With only a small degree of additional input from the brand, these platforms can improve satisfaction levels and free up valuable time for the customer service department.

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