Lessons from Domino’s on the importance of embracing mobile

Published on 14 August 2014 by in Latest News

iStock 000024046975 Small 300x199 Lessons from Domino’s on the importance of embracing mobileDomino’s were one of the first companies to release a mobile app back in September 2010 and in less than half a year had taken over £1million in sales through it. In light of this success, numero explores how the company has worked to offer customers a superior mobile customer experience, and what other firms can learn from this.

Online sales now account for around 70 per cent of Domino’s UK pizza sales – with almost 40 per cent of them placed using mobile devices. Domino’s first mobile-focussed venture began much earlier though.

In 2007 the pizza chain became the first pizza company in the UK to launch a service that allowed customers to order pizzas by text message. Ground-breaking innovations and forward thinking uses of mobile technology like this have ensured that the company has stayed ahead of the curve and returned consistently strong sales figures.

The company has focused heavily on integrating mobile technology into its sales strategy and predicts mobile will become the leading sales channels in 2015.

“Ecommerce continues to fuel much of our UK growth as we seek to find new ways to make it as easy as possible for customers to order our pizzas,” commented chief executive David Wildchief in Internet Retailing magazine.

It’s a lesson that many businesses should take note of. Domino’s think ahead, then spend time and resources on making the purchasing process as easy as possible and acting quickly on the new capabilities of technology.

“I am especially pleased at the continued success of our e- and m-commerce platforms, showing how customers enjoy and appreciate the benefit of ordering online,” notes Wildchief.

This focus on the customer experience drives Domino’s’ decision-making and affects where they take their company in the future.

By understanding their customers and adapting to their spending and generational habits, Domino’s keeps ahead of its competitors. numero believes companies looking to create a great customer experience should focus on when and where their audiences are using their devices. This understanding enables firms to create enjoyable interactions through every channel, whether it be online, via mobile or in store. As domino’s demonstrates, this will also allow them to benefit from increased sales figures.

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