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Published on 15 July 2014 by in Latest News

The team at numero have repeatedly stressed the need for organisations to link up their CRM and multiple contact channels to provide the highest standard of customer service and experience. If you are looking for advice or inspiration to build your customer service strategy to the next level, numero have put together a list of the most influential bloggers and key note speakers to follow.

1. Shep Hyken @Hyken

Shep Hyken, customer service expert, professional speaker and bestselling business author, works with companies who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. Shep’s philosophy as a customer service expert is:

“Your communication with customers should be ongoing. This keeps you abreast of changes and shows you care. It also strengthens relationships by keeping you informed and connected.”

2. Neil Davey @neilcdavey

Editor of, Neil Davey’s blogs are mainly aimed at leading CRM and customer service communities, which include features and forums on customer service, customer relationship management, CRM software and business intelligence.

3. Micahel Maoz @mimaoz

Michael, analyst for Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research company, publishes no-nonsense articles on social CRM, customer service and cloud computing. What differentiates his blogs from others is his coverage on technical components, customer relationship management and customer centric digital strategies, which attracts IT professionals and CIO’s.

4. Barry Dalton @bsdalton

Consumed with anything customer experience, loyalty, CRM, social business and technology, Dalton’s blogs help companies define what customer service strategy they should have in place.

“How companies define customer service is critical to how they position themselves in the customer ecosystem. How is customer service defined in your company?” Asks Dalton.

5. Kate Leggett @kateleggett

Kate is a leading customer service analyst working for research company Forrester whose feature blog shows businesses how to deliver cutting edge customer care strategies. Short and to the point, her blogs are known for being packed with useful information and statistics.

6. Micah Solomon @micahsolomon

Business consultant, key note speaker, and regular contributor to, Micah Solomon is known for his ability to transform business results and build true customer engagement and loyalty.

7. Gavin Heaton @servantofchaos

With over a million readers, his blog, is ranked as one of Australia’s leading business websites, providing insight into how digital strategy, social media and disruptive technologies impact companies and the customer service they provide.

8. Ted Rubin @TedRubin

A leading social media marketing strategist and keynote speaker, Ted believes the key to effective service for any brand is identifying with the consumer.

“Listening is finally getting the respect it deserves through Social Media,” states Rubin, “Listen and adjust your message to make it relevant to your consumer. Number one is always try to understand who your customer is and stay true to your brand.”

9. Michael Fauscette @mfauscette

Fauscette’s blog contains observations, opinions and analysis of emerging trends in software, business models and strategies. He provides thought leadership on the topic of social applications, the transition to the social business and the effect this will have on customer service and engagement.

10. Ron Kaufman @RonKaufman

Kaufman’s philosophy is that the only reliable way for a company to achieve and maintain a competitive edge is to build a culture that empowers every employee to surprise and delight customers and colleagues every day, “with a truly uplifting service”.

“Providing superior service is essential to continued success in a competitive world,” concludes Kaufman.

For more information on how to link your customer service channels through CRM to provide the best customer experience you can, follow numero on Twitter.

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