Daily device use guide for customer engagement

Published on 25 February 2014 by in Latest News

Consumers’ rapid adoption of mobile technology has fundamentally changed the way customers seek to engage with brands, with a clear pattern emerging in terms of which devices consumers tend to use at specific times of the day. This spells out a number of different challenges that businesses must consider to adapt their services to each different platform.

timeline Daily device use guide for customer engagement

Checking-in on the morning commute

ComScore data suggests smartphone use overtakes all other devices during the morning commute, with consumers using the time to check their email and social media accounts. Brands must ensure customer service help is available through these channels at this time, particularly given the fast-response times expected of social media.

Since this is also a time for consumers to purchase breakfast or a quick coffee on the way to work, mobile payment and loyalty app options are also crucial.

Lunch-hour browsing

During work hours, PCs dominate web traffic, with many consumers using their lunch hour to browse retail sites. Offering live-chat customer support and a well-thought out FAQ section can be particularly useful for customers with limited time seeking additional information.

Shopping on the go Post-work, consumers often try to fit in a few errands before returning home, picking up necessary items before the High Street shops close. Mobile phones can be a keel tool on this journey, through apps with in-store integration such as Taco Bell’s planned mobile ordering service.

Armchair commerce

Once consumers return home, tablets become the device of choice, as consumers idly browse ecommerce sites while watching television. Once again, providing easy access to relevant information and customer support channels is key, but the smaller screen format means design must be simplified. Offering highly personalised recommendations based on previous purchases is one way to aid navigation for these consumers.

Alongside optimising the customer experience for each device, businesses must also ensure customer communication channels are well-­integrated, offering consumers a consistent experience as they switch between devices throughout the day.

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