10 rules for a great mobile customer experience

Published on 12 February 2014 by in Latest News

With mobile now accounting for 20 per cent of digital transactions with further growth predicted, according to the latest Adyen study, retailers are under increasing pressure to optimise the customer experience for mobile shoppers.

While the specific requirements of each brand’s customer base will differ from case to case, numero have outlined ten rules for businesses to follow when optimising their services for the mobile era.

mobile customer experience guide 10 rules for a great mobile customer experience

1.       Size matters

It may be an obvious first step, but resizing elements of a brand’s website to ensure they display correctly for any device is crucial to providing an effective mobile customer experience. Forcing customers to pinch and zoom is no longer acceptable and will result in lost customers.

2.       Avoid the loading lag

Remember that not all consumers will be browsing on a 4G-enabled next-generation smartphone, and loading speeds can often be significantly slower for mobile consumers. Avoid elements that will prolong wait time, such as high-resolution imagery.

3.       Simplicity wins

A much smaller screen means fewer elements fit comfortably on the page and navigation options must be far simpler. Use insight into customer behaviour to identify common browsing patterns and eliminate less immediately relevant elements from the page to reduce clutter.

4.       Speedy sign in

66% of customers have abandoned a mobile transaction due to an overly long or complex checkout process, so it’s important to make sign-in and payment options as convenient as possible. Give consumers the option to save settings for automatic sign-in on their next visit and link with other service channels, such as loyalty card accounts, to input the consumer’s details for them.

5.       Secure service

Data security can be a major concern for many shoppers, so give customers peace of mind by prominently displaying site security certificates.

6.       Think mobile

Deloitte suggests mobile will influence 10-15% of high-street sales by 2017 and shoppers who use their phone while in-store are 14% more likely to purchase goods. As consumers are increasingly using their phones to facilitate product research while on the go, mobile services must be configured to suit this behaviour.

7.       Serve a needmobile customer experience tips 10 rules for a great mobile customer experience

Though mobile apps can be an effective way of engaging with consumers, a Compuware study found between 80 and 90 per cent of all downloaded apps are used just once before being deleted. Successful apps will serve a real customer need time and time again, offering helpful features such as real-time special offers.

8.       Cross-channel  convenience

Following on from the previous two tips, integrating mobile with other service channels is one of the main methods to offer customers a useful service while on the move. In particular, features that aid shopping in the physical retail space, such as store locators, the option to scan barcodes for product information and mobile loyalty schemes, can prove particularly popular.

9.       Help at hand

Even with the best-designed mobile sites and apps, consumers will inevitably encounter problems occasionally. Build customer service into the mobile experience from the beginning, providing simple ways for consumers to report and resolve an issue directly through their handset, such as live chat.

10.   Social

45% of UK consumers access social media sites via their mobile, creating a significant opportunity for businesses to capitalise on this relationship by encouraging social media shares and offering customer service through Facebook and Twitter.


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