River Island to study cross-platform user behaviour

Published on 28 January 2014 by in Latest News

River island cross platform customer service River Island to study cross platform user behaviourUK retailer River Island took steps to optimise its cross-platform offering for shoppers, revealing that it was working on a comprehensive project to understand the behaviour of its customers across several platforms.

The project is designed to investigate how customers interact with the business across the site’s mobile, app and desktop versions. The research will also examine how a customer’s social media experience influences purchasing behaviour.

Speaking about the project, River Island’s eCommerce development manager Helen Colclough said there was ‘huge value in validating, or indeed disproving certain business hypotheses.’

She commented:River island cross platform customer interaction management River Island to study cross platform user behaviour

“We will still be closer to understanding what our customers are doing, how they behave across different devices and channels, and in different geographies. Fundamentally, it’s about understanding what different types of customer want from their online experience and using that to inform business strategy.”

River Island will not be the only retailer studying the behaviour of its online and mobile audience in 2014. Indeed, cross-platform optimisation was chosen as one of the top trends for businesses for the year. Writing in the Internet Advertising Bureau, Henry Pinto at Vibrant Media stated that those companies producing true cross-platform  services ‘will take the lead in 2014.’

The numero team has consistently highlighted the need for companies to embrace cross-platform customer service; being able to offer customers a unified experience over web, tablet and social media. You can discover more on the topic elsewhere on the website.

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