New flagship H&M store relies on technology to provide a state-of-the-art customer experience

Published on 15 November 2013 by in Latest News

HM technology enhances customer experience New flagship H&M store relies on technology to provide a state of the art customer experienceUnveiled this week, the newly opened New York flagship store for international retail brand H&M underlines the role technology plays in creating an effective customer experience in the multichannel era.

The four-storey Times Square store features numerous technological elements designed to improve service for the brand’s customers, as H&M spokesperson Jennifer Ward outlined in a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.

“The mezzanine will consist of a Social Media Lounge, which will include seating, free Wi-Fi, integrated iPad’s, headphones with music, mobile fitting rooms, and a photo studio,” reported Ward. In addition to these digitally-connected features, the store will also play home to interactive mannequins with inbuilt screens in their foreheads to display real-time special offers, video content and product images.

In fact, customers will even have the option to pay for items directly from the changing rooms as they try on the brand’s clothing, through cash registers installed in fitting room areas, and can then immediately wear their purchases out of the store.  As another H&M spokeswoman, Nicole Christie, explains, this system should allow the brand to cut down queues and provide a more convenient customer experience.

Beyond creating an engaging distraction for consumers, these interactive elements also offer the retailer valuable insight into what drives each individual’s shopping behaviour. Through providing a platform for customers to connect with the brand online, via in-store iPads and free WiFi, H&M can monitor a consumer’s browsing behaviour and use this information to better tailor its service to their specific needs.

Linking this understanding with in-store digital signage, including the interactive mannequins, the brand could then automatically change the products it promotes according to what customers have been viewing recently. Smart systems like this mean the H&M store has the opportunity to deliver greater relevance for consumers and improve the quality of their shopping experience.

To learn more about how retailers can embrace technology to forge stronger connections with consumers, contact numero. 

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