numero heads to #ChannelShiftCamp to discuss public sector customer service in the digital era

Published on 05 November 2013 by in Latest News

chanel shift camp numero heads to #ChannelShiftCamp to discuss public sector customer service in the digital era

numero’s Activity Capture app

This Thursday sees numero travel to #ChannelShiftCamp, the self-labelled ‘unconference’ which encourages public sector customer service professionals to debate the future of their sector.

Hosted by the Public Sector Customer Services Forum, Channel Shift Camp aims to uncover the opportunities for government and social organisations embracing digital technology to improve services for the UK public.

Channel shift is a major movement that is currently having a dramatic effect on how public bodies approach customer service, allowing them to simultaneously reduce costs and enhance service. Through encouraging citizens to switch from traditional channels to digital alternatives, local councils and other government organisations can create a much smoother experience for the public.

Despite these advantages, some major considerations still remain. Primarily, with a duty to meet the needs of all citizens, organisations must be aware that the adoption of new technology has by no means been universal. With some members of the public still not comfortable using online communications channels, public bodies must ensure these individuals can still access the services they require.

In light of these differences in the population, channel shift can be a more appropriate tactic for some council functions than others. A major aim of the #ChannelShiftCamp initiative is to address the question of where and when channel shift may be an appropriate course of action, and how organisations can assess the suitability of this tactic for each area.

Through an informal discussion structure, public service providers will be able to explore the possibilities of channel shift and the barriers to overcome with leading communications technology experts, including numero.

From experience, numero recognise that considering channel shift requires an analytical, research-based approach; therefore numero offers a complementary consultancy service for qualifying local service providers using a specially developed Activity Capture app. The team will be sharing this understanding and other key insights with attendees at the conference on Thursday, driving towards a future of more effective, cost-efficient services for the nation’s citizens.

Contact numero to find out more about how your organisation could benefit from embracing channel shift.

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