Engaged employees: the final piece of the puzzle for customer service excellence

Published on 16 October 2013 by in Latest News

customer interaction management service staff Engaged employees: the final piece of the puzzle for customer service excellenceAs numerous companies embrace technology to create a smoother customer interaction management process, engaged employees become the final requirement for providing superior customer service.

The field of customer interaction management has advanced significantly in recent years thanks to new technological developments. While the number of communication channels has proliferated dramatically, with the advent of mobile internet access and social media, businesses are beginning to adopt CIM solutions that enable them to identify individuals, no matter how they contact the business. This gives companies the opportunity to collect information on each consumer, creating a single customer view of their interaction history which can be used to offer a personalised level of service.

While these CIM systems provide a more efficient, effective way to understand the consumer’s needs and respond accordingly, to an extent customer service professionals still shape each interaction.  As a result, it remains vital that businesses also ensure their customer care team are friendly and supportive in order to raise the brand’s standard of customer service and create loyal consumers.

There are a range of techniques companies can employ to achieve this goal, some of which were aptly demonstrated by businesses participating in the recent Customer Services Week. Stagecoach Bus, for example, invited customers to nominate members of staff who delivered excellent service, in an effort to recognise and reward the efforts of these exemplary employees. This type of gamification approach generates incentives for staff to put additional enthusiasm into their daily tasks, boosting performance.

Beyond the customer service team, two of the firm’s top-level directors also took to the brand’s Twitter account to handle customer queries first-hand during the week, and even drove the bus routes themselves on ‘back to the floor’ day. These initiatives foster a customer service culture throughout the entire company, encouraging board leaders to put the customer experience at the heart of all the brand’s business decisions.

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