Research reveals how parents use mobile to assist back-to-school shopping activity

Published on 04 September 2013 by in Latest News

mobile shopping customer experience Research reveals how parents use mobile to assist back to school shopping activity

Research by Placed Inc., a leading location analytics vendor, has revealed parents are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices to inform back-to-school shopping decisions.

The survey, which studied over 12,000 U.S smartphone users with school-age children, demonstrated that parents are turning to their mobiles to fulfill a variety of different roles during the shopping process.

A considerable 48.9 per cent of US parents are using their mobile devices to find exclusive discounts and coupons to reduce overall spending. Additionally, 38.7 per cent use their mobile to compare prices while browsing in-store; exhibiting behaviour known as showrooming.

Together, these findings suggest an opportunity for retailers to reach out to this community of price-conscious parents via their smartphones. Using CRM data on previous purchase history, retailers can send personalised offers directly to each individual consumer through their mobile, particularly while they browse in-store.

The findings highlight the benefits for retailers that offer a mobile-friendly shopping experience. However, there are increasing advantages for brands that utilise the platform, providing the opportunity to increase the collection of customer data from shoppers in order to offer a more convenient experience.

By creating interactive and multi-functional apps and mobile-friendly websites enable consumers can retrieve exclusive discounts, receive customer service, make product comparisons and locate store information. Through these methods, retailers can improve their levels of customer service and enhance the overall customer shopping experience.

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