How click and collect helps retailers deliver on customer service

Published on 30 August 2013 by in Latest News

click collect multichannel customer service integration How click and collect helps retailers deliver on customer serviceWith more and more retailers striving to offer a truly integrated multi-channel customer experience, click and collect is fast becoming a vital tool to boost customer satisfaction and reduce return rates.

As underlined by the latest Multichannel Retail Survey by online survey provider, Toluna, 63 per cent of consumers have chosen to reserve at least one item online for in-store collection over the past 12 months. In fact, 16 per cent of consumers use click and collect services on a monthly basis, with retailers like Argos now seeing 31 per cent of all ecommerce sales collected via physical retail outlets.

This trend creates a significant opportunity for retailers to better meet their customers’ service needs, both directly and indirectly. Primarily, as 50 per cent of survey respondents indicated they have been dissuaded from making a purchase online due to unsatisfactory delivery options, the option to pick up items in-store could improve purchase rates. This is particularly true in situations where items would usually command a high delivery cost, which could represent a major barrier for many consumers.

More importantly though, click and collect services combine the speed of online shopping with the option to seek product advice from store staff upon collection. In the case of Halfords, for example, a customer might prefer to compare the product specifications of different bikes online, but might also want face-to-face guidance on how to maintain their new bike once they have made a choice.

Beyond simply creating a more convenient customer experience, this combination of factors can ensure customers are satisfied with their online purchases before leaving the store, and can easily replace or return products on-the-spot if necessary. This means returns, and the associated costs they entail, can often be avoided, and may also lead to a reduction in the volume of post-sale customer service queries and negative customer reviews.

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