CRM market soars as mobile opens up new ways for brands to engage with customers

Published on 25 June 2013 by in Latest News

CRM market growth mobile CRM market soars as mobile opens up new ways for brands to engage with customers

Customer relationship management technology will become the number one category for business software spending by 2017, according to the latest Gartner report, as companies utilise mobile to get closer to their customers.

The forecast sees the annual growth rate for the CRM software category revised upwards by 56 per cent since last quarter’s prediction, reaching  a total of $20.8 for 2013. With global spends also expected to reach $36.5 billion by 2017, this suggests CRM will overtake enterprise resource planning technology as the primary software spending priority for brands for the first time.

Clearly, this change signifies a major shift in the emphasis the industry places on building strong brand relationships. Mobile technology has played a pivotal role in this transformation, providing numerous opportunities for companies to learn more about their consumers and stay in contact while on the go. This has in turn had a major impact on the number of brands finding innovative ways to use CRM systems to offer their consumers a more engaging, personalised customer experience.

Within the retail sector, for example, companies can send a customer offers tailored to their purchasing history the moment they walk into a store through a branded mobile app. From a service perspective, these firms can also equip shop-floor staff with tablets monitoring when individual customers enter the store, allowing them to greet the customer by name, or quickly order out of stock items for delivery at the customer’s registered address.

Clearly, at present, this type of personalised service is largely limited to a small number of the most innovative, forward-thinking businesses. However, with Gartner predicting such rapid increases in CRM spending over the next few years, it could soon move from being a point of differentiation towards an expected requirement.

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