The Truth about Customer Experience Management

Published on 23 May 2013 by in Latest News, Opinion

chat apps customer service The Truth about Customer Experience ManagementFor the past thirty years I have sold and delivered enterprise business solutions. Over the course of a career spanning multi-national software giants and my own software solution businesses, I have endeavoured to always ‘do the right thing’. I know of no better axiom in life.

With this in mind, it’s frustrating to see the industry creating deliberate hype and confusion to ship products. Initially, I accepted the approach as simple ‘marketing hype’. But, it is not. It’s serious and shameful.
The industry thrives on creating deliberate misunderstandings and I am increasingly disillusioned by the calculated nature of this confusion. The telecoms, utilities and financial services sectors cannot get away with mystification and miss-selling. Why should the IT industry be any different?

Our industry seems all too content to promote buzzwords; hyping solutions which only address one of the many challenges faced by customer service teams in national and international organisations. The intense focus on Social CRM, the ability for individuals to manage their customer service experience through online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, is one such example. The tendency to position dated technologies as a ‘multi-channel’ or ‘omni-channel’ retail solutions is another. This focus on buzzwords is the lazy way to promote ill-suited services that fail to address the wider issues companies face in an evolving landscape of technology and customer behaviour.

numero has been at the vanguard of delivering innovative customer solutions, providing the very best in customer experience management since 2001. We delivered our first software solutions in 2002 with the launch of our highly successful SmartAgent email management system. We followed this landmark by designing and building numero interactive from the ground-up in 2009. We believe it is the very first solution created to manage all inbound and outbound channels in one. Rather than focusing on one small part of the customer service experience, it delivers outstanding solutions across every aspect of customer, colleague and stakeholder contact.

Since, 2009 we have masterminded some of the largest and most advanced solutions of their type, delivering world-leading customer experiences for our clients. We have learnt this is little to do with waving a magic technology wand and entirely down to a unique combination of vision, market experience, change management and delivery pragmatism.

All of which leads to my personal challenge to the IT industry. Rather than misleading markets, clients and investors by perpetuating the ingrained habit of hype, commit instead to ‘walking the talk’. I know numero will, by showing clients solutions that deliver in practice, day-in, day-out – rather than just promising on paper.
In short, keep it simple, truthful and real. Because it’s the right thing to do.

numero opinion The Truth about Customer Experience Management

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