The customer experience challenges of mobile shopping

Published on 20 May 2013 by in Latest News

mobile shopping customer experience The customer experience challenges of mobile shopping

While mobile is becoming an increasingly important sales channel for retailers, many brands are losing customers because they are failing to adequately adapt their ecommerce services for

As revealed in a recent survey from mobile payment specialists Jumio, 66 per cent of consumers abandon their virtual shopping cart because of an overly long, complex or problematic checkout process.

“At the top of the list is that 41 per cent of consumers failed to complete a purchase because it was too difficult to enter credit card information,” explains Jumio’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Marc Barach, to Mobile Commerce Daily magazine. “Retailers need to adjust for the small screen to make it easy for consumers in the home stretch.”

This failure to provide customers with a positive mobile customer experience at the checkout point represents a real lost opportunity for retailers, costing them both sales and customer satisfaction. Some forward-thinking retailers have found ways to avoid these common pitfalls though, with Barach citing Amazon as a particular example of a brand offering a smooth checkout experience via mobile.

Amazon is one of a number of companies to have launched their own branded retail app. Once customers have signed in with their account username and password, their payment and contact details are automatically imported for future purchases, creating a more convenient mobile customer experience.

Beyond simply speeding up the checkout process however, a mobile app also offers the company several key opportunities to improve service through better understanding consumer behaviour. As usage data for a mobile app can be linked with other CIM data from the customer’s account, firms can create a comprehensive profile on each customer.

The brand can then tailor all communications with the customer to their individual preferences, and can even alter these messages based on the customer’s current location to deliver a highly personalised, mobile customer experience.

For further information on how mobile apps can be used to improve consumer engagement through more effective mobile customer service, contact numero.

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