Brands look to create personalised mobile customer experiences

Published on 09 May 2013 by in Latest News

personalised mobile customer service Brands look to create personalised mobile customer experiences

A new Econsultancy report reveals that, although only 13 per cent of brands currently offer a personalised customer experience via mobile, a further 54 per cent intend to do so within the next year.

While 43 per cent of the brands surveyed currently tailor their online service to the needs of customers browsing via a desktop computer, this figure fell dramatically when it came to tablets and smartphones. This signals a major lost opportunity for many businesses, particularly since the small screen format and slower loading times mean mobile customers will often quickly leave a website that is difficult to use.

However, 2013 looks set to be the year when mobile begins to catch up, as the report suggests two thirds of brands could begin personalising the mobile customer experience within twelve months.

Of those forward-thinking companies already employing this technique, on-site behaviour was listed as the primary factor used to adapt the customer experience. Included within this category, 42 per cent admitted to employing product recommendations based on previous browsing history to assist customers in discovering the most relevant products.

Combined with data from the company’s CRM system, this could represent a powerful tool to drive sales while creating a smoother journey. Instead of just giving a consumer the option to view a similar product, for example, the brand could ensure that when the customer clicks on the item, the correct size or quantity would be pre-selected, based on previous purchases.

In addition to on-site behaviour, 29 per cent of brands also cited traffic sources as a factor for optimising the user experience. This could push companies to give prominence to certain pieces of information over others, highlighting what is likely to hold the most importance for each consumer. Using this tactic, review scores would be displayed for customers who arrive from review sites, while social media engagement might make more of an impact on those who find the page through a link on Facebook.

To learn more about how understanding each individual consumer can enable brands to deliver a more personal level of customer service, contact numero.

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