Brands waking up to the mobile revolution

Published on 10 April 2013 by in Latest News

mobile customer service apps Brands waking up to the mobile revolution

Having witnessed the way mobile internet access is fundamentally shifting consumer behaviour, companies are finally beginning to see mobile as an integral part of their customer experience strategy.

Smartphone uptake rates in recent years have undoubtedly taken brands by surprise, leaving many struggling to keep up with evolving consumer habits. However, now that more than two thirds of people in the UK own a smartphone, most brands are admitting that ignoring mobile would be a costly mistake.
The marketing industry in particular has seen rapid growth in investment in mobile strategy, more than doubling in 2012. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s director of research and strategy, Tim Elkington;

“Marketers are becoming more attuned to the ‘always on’ nature of consumers who expect to engage with content wherever they are. Advertisers are increasingly buying integrated campaigns across online and mobile rather than regarding mobile as an afterthought.”

The ‘always on’ consumer culture Elkington refers to not only means individuals can be targeted by promotional material at any moment; it also means they expect instantaneous access to customer service while on the go. In addition to ensuring a brand provides a mobile optimised website or mobile app for browsing and sales, they must also now adapt their customer service offering to a mobile market.

Apps are perhaps the most convenient way for businesses to achieve this goal, as help services can be integrated with other useful features such as discount codes and product information. Moreover, through requiring a one-time login, brands can easily monitor app usage for each consumer, combining customer service and browsing history into a comprehensive profile and enabling them to tailor their services to each individual.

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