Choosing communication channels in a new era of customer groups

Published on 26 March 2013 by in Latest News

consumer groups customer service channel choice Choosing communication channels in a new era of customer groups

Forrester has published a series of reports suggesting consumer preferences are becoming increasingly fragmented in terms of both shopping and customer service in today’s multi-channel landscape.

Crucially, the research and analysis firm cites three distinct groups of consumers who exhibit specific behavioural patterns when it comes to the use of technology in the consumer journey: traditionalists, connected traditionalists and super buyers.

For ‘traditionalists’, technology plays a minimal role in the customer experience, whereas ‘Connected Traditionalists’ are open to using mobile devices and apps during the process, but still prefer to complete purchases in store. The final category, ‘Super Buyers’ represent the most technologically connected of the three, open to including technology at all stages of the customer journey.

At present, this last group is currently thought to comprise just 17 per cent of consumers, based on the US market, though rapid mobile and tablet uptake rates could see the figures shifting dramatically in coming years.

What is important to take away from this finding is that brands may be able to enhance the customer experience by providing a level of personalisation based on channel preferences. By keeping track of the various mediums, an individual consumer has used to interact with the brand, a business can make sure all future communications are sent out via the most appropriate channel.

Traditionalists may have registered an email address when signing up for a loyalty card out of necessity, for example, but may be more likely to respond to a printed catalogue than email content. Similarly, while this group might see offers sent directly to their mobile while in store as intrusive or confusing, technological savvy super buyers might be open to this kind of targeted activity.

The implications also apply to customer assistance, where a business could change its recommended customer service channel based on previous interaction.

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