Five ways to improve your CIM

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Successful CIM solutions are designed to strengthen the strategic, technical and operational performance of the critical customer-facing functions of a business; streamlining the customer journey and integrating multiple channels into a manageable, cohesive solution. Recent Gartner research reveals 48 per cent of organisations plan on extending the CRM budget this year to improve the levels of customer satisfaction, with only five per cent looking to reduce CRM investment.

The growth of smart devices and widespread use of social networks across the world allow customers to become more knowledgeable, connected and influential than ever before. The modern-day customer expects a 24/7 reactive service via all forms of communication, emphasising the practical application of CIM systems and the ability to handle communication across multiple platforms. Ensuring all communication channels are integrated is crucial to deliver maximum results including telephone, SMS, email, social media and Google’s Project Glass, which may be the future of customer interaction management.

Implementing effective CIM solutions can illustrate how well a business understands its customers’ requirements, consequently improving the level of service across a number of channels and touch points, improving customer satisfaction and overall staff utilisation. Businesses harnessing effective CIM solutions will have the ability to analyse and customise customer interaction across the entire infrastructure.

Outlined below are five steps numero have developed in order to improve customer interaction and ultimately streamline the customer journey:

1. 95 per cent of people believe an app is more convenient for customer service

With customers becoming more digitally engaged, mobile apps are the next investment strategy in any digital marketing plan, as more organisations are getting closer to their customers through this medium. A 2012 Digital Buzz report stated that 300,000 applications have been developed in the past three years, and in that duration, 10.9 billion downloads have occurred. Organisations can customise mobile apps to suit their customer’s needs, making services and products more accessible than ever before. This cost-effective component can also work in partnership with other functions such as webchat, utilising multiple functions in one action.

2. 48 per cent of people say the phone is the most frustrating channel

Telephony is one of the most important forms of customer communication, and the tradition is continuing to increase due to the use of smart devices. The ability to communicate is part of the central hub of every successful organisation and delivering a seamless, fully integrated, multi-channel experience for customers is crucial. Strengthening CIM within modern contact centre operations allows managers to handle large volumes of calls and interactions while still maintaining an excellent experience for the caller with a reduction in overall on-hold time.

3. The Call Me Back button is a website feature that enables customers to choose a convenient time to be contacted, rather than waiting on hold in a queue. The aim is of this management solution is to improve the overall customer experience, while simultaneously helping manage contact centre resource. As a direct result, call queues are reduced, agent workloads become more predictable and customer satisfaction is improved.

4. 77 per cent of users who prefer live chat highlight rapid response as its most valuable feature

Webchat is an emerging contact channel. According to the results of the eCommerce Benchmark report, the average fashion retail consumer views 7.8 pages per visit, and it is these consumers that want to be able to interact with a member of staff who can instantly help with their queries instantly. Furthermore, not only does this application increase customer satisfaction offering efficient feedback in less time than more traditional methods of customer service, but also makes the employees time more effective. Webchat sessions can be made available during specific times of the day, therefore utilising agent time and ensuring the maximum number of customers are being catered for via the most efficient communication channel. With no additional hardware required and the easy to implement structure, webchat is one of the simplest solutions to improve an organisation’s CIM.

5. 78 per cent of businesses plan on using social media to answer customer service queries within the next two years

Social media has revolutionised the way consumers communicate, and as a result, what and who influences their decision process. Integrating social media can improve information accuracy, reduce manual effort and provide more in-depth customer insights. However, despite this there are still a large number of brands refusing to take the step and embrace social media. The average person in the UK now spends more time on social media than anything else online. It is no longer appealing solely to the younger generation, but has become a platform for serious debates and decisions. The Social Media Benchmark report states that 7 out of 10 businesses across the UK increased investments in social media solutions in 2012, with continued investment planned across 2013.

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numero is a world-class software solutions provider that works with world-class companies. We have secured our position on the global stage by understanding what makes customers tick; their needs, motivations, attitudes and expectations. Providing the best customer experience, through any communication channel, is paramount for our clients’ customers.

numero interactive, our customer interaction management platform, automatically captures, understands and routes the customer interaction. We can integrate with existing infrastructures and investments. It is a single centralised platform which supports any channel, ranging from social media to traditional document management.

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3 Customer service trends providing great customer experiences

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