Help yourself: demand increases for self-serve customer support services

Published on 23 January 2013 by in Latest News

self service customer support CIM Help yourself: demand increases for self serve customer support services

Occasionally, the best way for businesses to improve their level of customer service may be to let customers resolve issues for themselves. Recent figures show demand for self-serve customer support facilities growing, with use of online chat systems rising 24 per cent over 2012.

Commentators have been quick to attribute this increase, to growing familiarity with other digital platforms, such as social networks and mobile chat applications.

Many retailers have already taken steps to develop sophisticated self-service customer interaction management options in order to adapt to this changing customer service landscape. In its basic form, these CIM platforms use information regarding the most common customer service issues.. Automatic advice is then relayed to the consumer in real time via a virtual assistant in response to a query.

To deliver a more effective customer experience however, more developed self-service customer support systems integrate this problem-solving capacity with individual CIM data on each customer.. Businesses can avoid reissuing the same advice if the problem has occurred in the past, generating a more personalised customer service experience.

In these instances where pre-programmed recommendations fail to fix the underlying issue, intuitive CIM systems can seamlessly transfer the consumer to a human customer support representative. By viewing a text log of the help session, the operator can then resume the conversation without requiring the customer to reiterate their issue.

In terms of convenience, this CIM system represents a major advantage over traditional customer service platforms. Self-service platforms also reduce customer management costs for the company, giving service assistants time to deal with more complex issues while the system handles routine enquiries.

To learn more about how CIM technology can simultaneously improve customer service quality while minimising costs, contact numero or visit our products page.

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