Morrisons champions the power of personalisation in new Wine Cellar business

Published on 11 January 2013 by in Latest News

Morrisons Wine Cellar personalisation customer experience Morrisons champions the power of personalisation in new Wine Cellar business

Shopping chain Morrisons have developed a unique recommendations feature to improve the customer journey in their newest venture, e-commerce merchant Morrisons Cellar.

As reported by numero last month, businesses are increasingly turning towards providing customers with a more personalised customer experience. Morrisons are the latest big brand to adopt this trend.

The Morrisons Cellar site asks browsers three questions regarding their taste preferences for products (such as hot beverages and soft drinks), in order to determine which wine types suit their individual palette.

Taste profiles and wines are then both numbered, creating a simple classification system to allow visitors to quickly browse suitable wines. Bottle recommendations matching this taste profile number are also returned as a prompt for consumers to try new wines. Combined with the offer of free returns, this service seems likely to improve customer satisfaction by closely assessing each customer’s needs on an individual basis.

Once a customer creates an account profile to make a purchase, the information concerning their tastes is also linked with profile data, giving Morrisons a valuable CIM system database of information on its customers. Moving forward, Morrisons will be able to use this insight into its shoppers to guide product range decisions and proactively notify consumers when new products meeting their taste profile are released.

Beyond reducing the volume of customer service queries, this personalisation service could also enable Morrisons to increase future sales. Indeed, retail brand John Lewis recently cited the use of personalised recommendations as a major driver of the 27.9 per cent sales increase it enjoyed over the 2012 Christmas season.

Given this high-profile case, it’s unsurprising that the latest Econsultancy research finds 52 per cent of digital marketers believe personalised digital content should be a vital part of a brand’s online strategy in 2013.

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