Google’s Project Glass and the future of customer interaction management

Published on 09 January 2013 by in Latest News

Google Glass customer interaction management future Google’s Project Glass and the future of customer interaction management

Just as the rapid adoption of mobile devices in 2012 has provided businesses with ground-breaking new ways to connect with their customers, Google’s Project Glass may be the next big step in CIM.

The wearable communications device, currently in development by the online giant, uses augmented reality technology to overlay useful information onto the wearer’s view of the physical world. Once available to the general public, this device may provide brands with a unique way to connect with consumers.

“If you consider what is so different about mobile from other channels; it’s personal as it’s within a close, personal space. Consumer engagement on mobile is high,” explains a leading mobile CIM specialist, adding that Google Glass looks set to be, “Even more personal”.

For the customer interaction management industry, the potential impact of this technological advancement is particularly pronounced. For example, through the ability to see from the consumer’s perspective, customer assistants of the future may be able to remotely identify the cause of a product malfunction. Visual demonstrations of the actions to troubleshoot the issue could then be projected onto the customer’s field of vision, allowing many issues to be resolved by consumers themselves.

In addition to this direct application, Google Glass technology could also be used to monitor each consumer’s patterns of behaviour and interaction with a product. This data could then be used to proactively offer tailored usage advice or to suggest additional products which might be of use to the individual.

Specialists are keen to point out, however, that the technology is still in its infancy.
“It will be a few years before the hardware is at a point where there’s really good reason to get it,” comments a senior augmented reality expert. “But sooner or later there will be a shift where we move from using mobile phones to something like glasses, contact lenses or some other sort of biometric equipment to interact with the world.”

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