CIM implications as world’s first eye-tracking accessory set to launch

Published on 02 January 2013 by in Latest News

customer interaction management implications eye tracking software1 CIM implications as world’s first eye tracking accessory set to launch

Technology firm Tobii is set to launch the world’s first eye-tracking computer accessory later this year, a development that has crucial implications for customer interaction management.

The new device has been designed to function on any desktop or laptop running Windows 8 and will sit just below the monitor, plugging into the machine’s USB port. Once installed, the accessory will allow users to control certain mouse functions, such as scrolling, using eye movement alone.

Beyond creating a more convenient way for consumers to browse the internet, this device may also allow companies to understand their consumers’ preferences better than ever before, improving their customer interaction management strategies.

By monitoring the eye movement patterns of each consumer viewing their site, companies could gain a deeper insight into what drives each customer’s purchase decisions. Furthermore, they would also be able to identify any site design features which are currently creating barriers within the consumer journey.

This information could then be used to more effectively tailor the company’s internet presence to its customers’ needs. This could extend to presenting different layouts of the same site to different users, based on their previous browsing behaviour. Alternatively, pop-up help windows could be triggered whenever a consumers’ eye movement suggests they are experiencing problems with the site navigation.

By personalising websites in this way, companies could therefore ensure a more streamlined customer experience for online browsers, driving increased satisfaction.

As yet, Tobii have announced that only 5000 units of its pioneering eye-tracking accessory will be made publically available for purchase, with pre-order registration due to commence in March. If the technology becomes more readily available in future however, it could clearly cause major changes within the world of CIM.

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